How To Get a Home Hotel Look


To check on in a hotel is to reward yourself with a crisp and luxurious bed. Your trip to Dream Land will be heavenly and everything, but once you bid goodbye to your peaceful slumber, you will be saying hello to an intimidating receipt when you check out.


Sucks, I know. But avoid putting yourself down just yet, because we at URATEX have simple tips about how you can fully enjoy that experience with your own foam at home. Great Five and read on.


Be more particular about the color scheme

If perhaps you happen to still haven’t noticed, almost all of the fancy hotels use white sheets for their foundation. When it comes to accents, they make sure the accents compliment the other person, creating a harmonious color scheme. A carefully-picked color scheme, of course, leads to to the elegance and general harmony of the whole look. It also lets you know not to overdo your bed by simply combining and matching colors that might not complement each other.


Think about the tiers

Multiple layers of very soft bedsheets keep you warm even during cold times inside your accommodation. Consequently, if you wish to have the same experience inside your own home, ensure that check your closet for your softest sheets. Each part will surely soon add up to the comfort and give your bed a fluffier look.


Prefer the art of ironing

One among the most typical characteristics of hotel beds is the crisp of the sheets layered on it. So when your skin area touches these layers, you can feel both their firmness and freshness. To be able to achieve this, you have to have to show patience when it comes to ironing your sheets. You can also utilize starch to make things simpler for you.


Invest in bedroom pillows

Of course, besides understructure, you also have to be very particular about the pillows you put on your bed. Select pillows that are gentle, aesthetic, along with the right size. At the time you know how to choose the right pillows for your pickup bed, then you are definitely getting closer to your hotel bed project.


Oftentimes, you don’t really have to spend a lot of dollars to feel the luxury you long for. Almost all you have to do is be clever and creative enough. Click here if you want more information about transforming your own home. With all these, you will surely come up with means that will allow you to bring home the hotel experience you desire.

Smart ways to make your hotel accommodation much more fun!


Traveling for work or leisure can be boring in absence of proper hospitality from the hotel. However, in the recent times, hotels have been going out of their way to make the customer’s stay fun and comfortable along with accommodating the needs of guests and frequent travelers. The basic idea behind this endeavor is to make the customers feel comfortable and make them want to come back to their hotel.

Below are some of the smart ways to make your hotel accommodation much more fun-

  • Entertainment for the kids: Traveling with the younger children can be difficult as they get restless easily. Check with your hotel if they have some entertainment for kids as an increasing number of hotels are engaging in the kid’s entertainment section such as providing crayons and paper for them to doodle, toys to play, and much more.
  • Rent a GoPro, workout clothes or Yoga Mat: If you have left your camera, workout clothes, iPod or Yoga Mat behind, no need to worry. To make your stay as comfortable as possible, many hotels are proving the GoPros, Yoga Mats and other such amenities on rent so that you don’t miss out on the great fun during your stay.
  • Have fun with the board games: If you like the idea of relaxing in your hotel room and have a nice family night in, check for the availability of the fun board games at your hotel.
  • Movie screening: A lot of hotels also set up outdoor theaters for movie screenings to let the guests enjoy completely and have great fun.

How to make the hotel feel like the home!

Whether you are a frequent traveler spending most of your time in the hotels or like the idea of staying in a hotel room that gives the comfort of your home, this post is for you. It shares the excellent ideas on how to make a generic and monotonous hotel room feel more like home.

  • Nothing beats the soothing music

If music is what brings you the much needed home-comfort, make sure to bring your favorite tunes with you in your hotel room. Not only they help you to work and relax but also allow the soothing feeling similar to home comfort.

  • Make the place brighter with your favorite flowers

One of the other ways to make your boring hotel room feel like home is to treat yourself with your favorite flowers to brighten the entire space. Everyone loves to have the fresh flowers at home, why not recreate the same magic at your hotel room. The good hotels in Australia such as will gladly provide you with a vase to put the flowers and enjoy your stay.

  • Sensory pleasures

It is a well-known fact that our sense of smell and sense of place are intrinsically linked. If you like the idea of burning a scented candle before bed at home, make sure to take them along while you travel. It will help you to relax, and make the hotel room smell like home.

Furthermore, bringing the small bottles of your favorite cosmetics & toiletry products while you travel, helps to make your hotel stay feel exactly like home.


Our Decor

Hotels. They are your home away from home when you travel. They’re a place where you can forget at least some of the cares of the world. Every hotel in the world tries very hard to maintain an atmosphere of cleanliness and encouraging people to stop stressing out so much.


Would you be surprised to learn that a lot of that comes down to our choice of décor?


Here’s an example.


If you walked into the lobby of a hotel or country club and saw no chairs, no tables, no lamps, what would you think? If you saw nothing but the front desk, the guards, and a lot of space, how would that make you feel? It looks strange, doesn’t it?


Think about it. The lobby of a hotel is like the home page of a website. It has to look inviting, whether it’s the interface of the site or the furniture of the country club.


It is important to give the right feel to a guest that walks in through the door or stays in a room. Whether it’s selling a fantastical theme or just giving you a clean, comfortable space to relax, the idea is correct.


Every hotel, inn, and the country club go for a neutral, clean feel. Have you ever noticed how so much of the linens used in these places are white? It shows you just how clean things are, and takes away any worry about previous guests leaving unpleasant things behind.


What we’ve done is go for a feeling of calm and relaxation. Lots of bright colours, but nothing garish to help the brain relax, release tension. We included plenty of open space in the interior design so people can lounge about and not feel constrained.


When it comes to furniture, comfort and style are the keys.


In every room, we strive to make sure the beds are soft but firm. Too soft and people are bothered. Too firm and guests can’t get a good night’s sleep. We know there’s no perfect ratio of softness to the firmness that fits everybody. That’s where covers and blankets come in.


Of course, little touches like the upholstery Perth are important too. We need the padding to be perfect for sitting on and have covers that don’t clash with our decorations or colour scheme. From lounge chairs to sofas in the lobby, everything has to be pristine and perfect.

Having Fun During Vacations

Don’t worry. We get it.


The title is a bit confusing of course. It is supposed to be confusing. Why? Well, because we are confused as well.


When was the last time you had a vacation where you actually had fun? When I say fun, I mean real fun where you basically forgot every stressor in your life and you came back with less emotional and psychological baggage than when you started the vacation.


Long time, eh?


Well, I don’t blame you. While it is easier to get a vacation nowadays, having a real “fun” vacation is much harder. Especially when you don’t know what you are doing.


Here are some quick and easy tips for you to have fun during your vacations:


Prepare your booking (plane, hotel, areas on interests) ahead of time. Don’t just go into a vacation and shout YOLO! because it will cause you nothing but stress. Aside from making sure you have everything booked properly, some businesses provide larger discounts for vacation goers book way ahead of time.

Get to know the place you are going to and prepare accordingly. Going to a tropical paradise? No point in bringing the parka, right? Always make sure you know where you are going and be always prepared for it. If you are going to expect a bit of hiking, bring your hiking shoes. Nobody wants to cross the Alps in Stilettos.

Be mentally prepared to go on vacation. Most of the people I know who can’t have fun during vacations are the ones that really can’t disconnect with their regular life. Set your phones on silent, don’t read work emails, only answer phone calls from specific people. You can’t have fun in the beach when all you think about is the presentation you are going to make once you get back.

Don’t trade money over comfort. A lot of people nowadays tend to go for the cheaper options and I won’t blame them. But always remember that it is cheaper for a reason. If you really want to get away, splurge a little. Don’t skimp out on your adventure.

Bring like-minded people with you. Nobody wants a dementor in the party so you shouldn’t even bother bringing one. Ask friends, family, or colleagues who think the same way you do. No party-poopers, no forcing to party, just enjoying the vacation just the way you like it.

When the Couches Get Dirty… Who Do You Call?

Because you can’t see dirty spots, stains, or dirt and grime on your furniture doesn’t imply that that it is clean. The known fact is, your furniture gathers dirt, hair, deceased skin cells, particles and other chemicals that can often be hard, if not impossible, to see. For that good reason, it is critical to focus on upholstery and furniture cleaning. Below, we point out a few of the good explanations why you may want professional upholstery cleaning.

1. Your furniture is soiled, even if it generally does not seem to be. When you take a seat on your furniture, you might transfer dust, grime, and sweating to the upholstery. Even though you can’t see this dirt and grime, it’s likely still there. Not merely can these chemicals harm your furniture, they can also donate to poor indoor quality of air for your household. While at-home cleaning methods, such as location and vacuuming cleaning, can help package with some nagging problems, a specialist profound cleaning can help make sure that your furniture is free from impurities.

2. Furniture cleaning helps prolong the entire life of your furniture. Your furniture is a substantial investment and you will likely wish to accomplish anything that you can to be sure it lasts for a long period. Cleaning your furniture really helps to remove mud and natural oils that can damage your upholstery. For a tiny investment in upholstery cleaning now, you’ll save needing to spend a lot more money in the near future to displace damaged furniture.

3. Professional upholstery cleaning can remove obstinate stains. Be it crayon markings from an extremely creative child or a uncooperative wine stain, no-one wants marks on the furniture. You might have tried out to eliminate these discolorations by yourself, but without success. However, selecting an upholstery cleaning professional may help. Cleaning experts have special cleaning techniques and tools they can use to eliminate stains and markings from your furniture, going back it to a “like new” condition.

4. Professional cleaning can also increase the look of wood furniture. Once you think of professional furniture cleaning, upholstery cleaning is probable what springs in your thoughts. But employing a specialist to completely clean your solid wood furniture can also be a good notion. Unlike simple dusting, a specialist deep cleaning can remove built-up dirt and help to make your furniture look good.

5. Upholstery cleaning may benefit your health. Frequently cleaning your furniture and upholstery can help remove dust particles, dog or cat dander and other air impurities that can cause allergic reactions, asthma disorders or other health issues. Your upholstery professionally washed can increase your home’s indoor quality of air and help to keep your household healthy.

Where to Stay: Hotel or Apartment?

A couple of years ago, we wouldn’t even have a question like this. In the past, hotels dominated the accommodation industry. People automatically think of hotels when they go on vacation or business trips but that is no longer the case nowadays.

With the growing number of private properties being put up for rent for short duration, it was only a matter of time until people realized that renting apartments over hotels can be a wise decision at times.

But should you go for a hotel or an apartment? Well, there’s no real contest when it comes to choosing between the two as I see them as offering the same service to two different markets.

Just look at it this way. Hotels are great when you need a place that has a bed, great amenities, and people to greet you good morning. If you want minimal headaches, then a hotel is the best choice. The only problem here is that there is no real adventure in a hotel. Everything is pre-packaged and all the rooms look alike.

apartments for rent Apartments, however, are the choice of the people who don’t like walking the beaten path. There are people who want to experience something out of the ordinary from their trip. In my personal experience, not all apartments being put up for rent are worth checking out. But there are those that really make you want to stay forever. So if you end up choosing a good apartment, you might end up cranking your vacation up to “Best Experience Ever”.

So it’s up to you. Do you want the traditional way of travelling? Go for a hotel. It means less headaches but your experience will be the same as the other 100+ other guests in that same hotel. But if you want something special and unique, go and check out Apartments for rent on your destination. Just make sure it is a legitimate listing to ensure your safety.

Why Hotel Booking Sometimes Gets Complicated

Booking a hotel shouldn’t be a complicated procedure.

In theory, the process should come down to finding a hotel you like in the place you’re going to, and then seeing if they have a room. If you prefer other accommodations, just replace the word “hotel.” Somehow, this simple process manages to become complicated anyway.

water-165219_1280At the most basic level, travellers want a few things consistently. They want accommodations that aren’t too far from where they want to go. They’re looking for a room that’s within their price range. They want a place that’s comfortable.

Many factors can add new considerations to the game.

For example, do you have pets? If you travel with your pets, that’s going to add another layer. Not every hotel or country club welcomes pets.

Sometimes, the website’s a problem.

You might not be able to see the hotel because there’s a lack of pictures, or they’re all at odd angles. We’ve all had to deal with that one hotel we thought was good because the photos looked good. When we got there, it turns out the angle was very misleading.

The design of the site might not be easy to navigate. Raise your hands if you’ve tried to book a room, but just couldn’t find the button to let you do that!

Currency woes can also slow things down. Do you want your customers digging up conversion rates when you could just display the room costs in their currency of choice?

Of course, sometimes the guest has a few things that make booking a challenge. People choose between reliability and flavour.

On the one hand, they want their room to have all of the comforts they know and need. Wi-fi access, running water, and other things like that.

On the other hand, they also want a room that’s in the thick of things. They want accommodations that have a touch of the local, make them feel like they’re in the local culture.

Sometimes, in some places, those two requirements don’t mix. You, as the traveller, have to choose which of the two is more important.

Finally, travellers with families might want specific features and options.

Day-care facilities, a place for kids to play during the day, and a safe area are things they might look for if they have kids. Hotels should make it visible if they have these, not just slap “family-friendly” in their description and call it done.

Complexity is not wrong, of course. There is nothing wrong with you being picky, but you have to understand that it’ll slow down your process.

Factors That Could Affect Your Choice of Hotel

When going away for a business trip, personal get away, or vacation, we always need to make sure we have a place to stay on our destination. As we all know, enjoying your trip can get pretty exhausting. For that reason alone, you really need a place that you can relax and have all your needs attended to.


factors that affect your choice of hotel


That’s what a hotel is for. There are a lot of different types of hotels ranging from small, homely ones to large and grandiose 5-star hotels. It is definitely true that not all hotels are created equal – and that is a good thing.


Hear me out. A hotel’s class (3 or 5-star class) is not the only thing you should look for when choosing a hotel. While it can give you an idea of the level of service they can provide, that’s not the only thing you have to think about.


Here are the top factors that can affect your choice of hotels.


Location – Personally, location should be the first thing you need to consider. It makes everything easier. When going on a vacation, choose a hotel that is not only close to but is also accessible to the tourist spots. It also helps if you can find a hotel that has restaurants and shops within walking distance.

Class – Class only comes second to me when considering hotel. It’s all about knowing what you will get for your money. Sometimes, a 2-star hotel just won’t cut it so splurging a little for a night at a 5-star hotel can sometimes be worth it. The higher the class rating, the better the accommodation and amenities. So if budget is not an issue, go for a higher class rating.

Heritage – There are two kinds of people in this world – the one that appreciates technology over beauty and the one who believes the other way around. As for me, I don’t mind if my hotel does not have key cards as long as it looks beautiful. Heritage can bring about a certain level of ambiance that modern hotels can’t emulate.

Short Term Stay Accommodation

You can enjoy your luxurious lifestyle in the nicely furnished and air conditioned three or four bedroom houses that are located in Western Australia. The best short term stay accommodation in the Western Australian region will make your stay absolutely comfortable and peace-1125843_640enjoyable. You can find yourself in the center of the Fremantle city in just a few minutes.


You can find yourself in the center of the Fremantle city and its popular cappuccino strip or you may take a short walk to find yourself at the fascinating swimming beach or at several local cafes and restaurants, tourist attractions and shopping facilities.


The properties in Australia provide stylish Fremantle accommodation with the total home comfort. There are also long duration stays if there is any availability. There are places like Arden House that provide comfortable, private and stylish accommodation for couples and small groups. They have got modern facilities and have been totally renovated and have big extensions in the back of the homes that are very attractive and nice.


The properties near to the Fremantle area are less than five minutes’foreign-trade-62743_640 walk to the exquisite local swimming beach.  Fremantle is surely the place to be in and you may relax by enjoying a cake or a coffee in Fremantle.


You can sample a meal in one of the great local restaurants.  You may access several of the local tourist attraction around Fremantle and Perth from the best situated holiday houses. You may sail to the nice sunset that the state is popular for. There are several local operators present in Fremantle area that provide different nice packages.


There are many short terms stay accommodations in Australia that have great flexibility and have a higher degree of comfort and style. Their basic objective is to facilitate high-quality accommodation at a reasonable price.


There are facilities for both short and long term accommodation with subject to some availability. We are contented to do the negotiation on chia-962974_640the rates for long term rentals that are more than three months.


You can get a family run accommodation service that can give you executive style accommodation at a reasonable price in the western Australian region. The properties are comfortable, spacious and well furnished. They are completely equipped with all the things you require for a comfortable and a nicely catered visit to Fremantle. There is the great accommodation for couples, families, and small groups.


You can experience nice living for some good luxury accommodation that fits your style. You can find many reputed property management firms in Australia that have expertise in providing luxury accommodation based on what the client is searching for.


It is the best place to stay in in case you need your family to have a great experience on your family break or for making preparations for a vital celebration such as birthdays or weddings. You may deal with a firm that is aware of the properties to ensure that you will get a nice place for your money.


Please see the following short video for an example of short stay accommodation in Melbourne.–xrY6g