Our Decor

Hotels. They are your home away from home when you travel. They’re a place where you can forget at least some of the cares of the world. Every hotel in the world tries very hard to maintain an atmosphere of cleanliness and encouraging people to stop stressing out so much.


Would you be surprised to learn that a lot of that comes down to our choice of décor?


Here’s an example.


If you walked into the lobby of a hotel or country club and saw no chairs, no tables, no lamps, what would you think? If you saw nothing but the front desk, the guards, and a lot of space, how would that make you feel? It looks strange, doesn’t it?


Think about it. The lobby of a hotel is like the home page of a website. It has to look inviting, whether it’s the interface of the site or the furniture of the country club.


It is important to give the right feel to a guest that walks in through the door or stays in a room. Whether it’s selling a fantastical theme or just giving you a clean, comfortable space to relax, the idea is correct.


Every hotel, inn, and the country club go for a neutral, clean feel. Have you ever noticed how so much of the linens used in these places are white? It shows you just how clean things are, and takes away any worry about previous guests leaving unpleasant things behind.


What we’ve done is go for a feeling of calm and relaxation. Lots of bright colours, but nothing garish to help the brain relax, release tension. We included plenty of open space in the interior design so people can lounge about and not feel constrained.


When it comes to furniture, comfort and style are the keys.


In every room, we strive to make sure the beds are soft but firm. Too soft and people are bothered. Too firm and guests can’t get a good night’s sleep. We know there’s no perfect ratio of softness to the firmness that fits everybody. That’s where covers and blankets come in.


Of course, little touches like the upholstery Perth are important too. We need the padding to be perfect for sitting on and have covers that don’t clash with our decorations or colour scheme. From lounge chairs to sofas in the lobby, everything has to be pristine and perfect.